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ICSE syllabus is more comprehensive, structured and aims to give practical knowledge and build analytical skills in students. At Bridgewoods we aim to deliver

an exciting curriculum that enables all students to learn and progress in a safe,

challenging and supportive environment.


Our key attitudes towards learning are Resilient, Reflective, Reciprocal, Responsible and Resourceful.

These attitudes define and mould the personality of each student making

the growth holistic.


The School aims to provide modern all-round education with special emphasis on moral and

ethical instruction as well as Physical Education, Nurturing Character Building, Tolerance and Co-operation,

Striving for Excellence in every field or endeavor will be encouraged.


Maximum opportunities are provided in the campus to encourage Initiative, Self-reliance and Leadership Qualities. Special efforts are made to identify any unique ability and talent that a child may have.


When it comes to allowing children to

explore the frontiers of knowledge and skills, we feel that sky is the limit. We offer them

help and mentoring, in every possible

manner through books, audio-visuals,

talks, travel and lots more.

Thanks to this approach to limitless learning, our students remain open-minded, creative, and confident inside and outside the school,

in their interaction with other children

as well as adults.

BPS also conducts workshop on a regular basis to review it teaching methodology.

All the annual / monthly / weekly learning plans are continuously calibrated to meet the

day-today class-room challenges.

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