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Our School is built in an area of 1.5 acres land with a total built up area

of 30,000 Sq.Ft. 

In all there are 36 well ventilated Smart Classrooms, along with fully equipped PhysicsChemistry / Biology / Math

English Laboratories, Library and Auditorium.



Our classrooms are aesthetically designed and integrated with smart boards and

well-furnished deskswith an aim to provide quality education with modern facilities.

Each class room has sufficient space to accommodate 25-35 children with copious space for the use of teachers to indulge in a variety of learning arrangements to meet the insightful needs of the children.

For the pre-primary and primary classes, the classrooms are more centrally aligned, which makes it easier for the teacher to interact actively (and therefore, more reassuringly) with the children




BPS emphasizes learning by experience, and our labs are therefore an important part of what makes the school unique.


We take great care that science, mathematics and other subjects

are learned through observations of the physical and natural world,

and not merely from textbooks.


Worksheets for active lab work are prepared before the

lab sessions, and children are encouraged to carry out learning experiments independently. They are also encouraged to draw

their own inferences, and perfect them through iterative learning. 

BPS also houses a State-Of-The-Art networked computer lab, providing each student with an independent workstation. Students can

use the Internet as a tool for learning, as well as for research

activities for their lessons and projects. Online learning tools for

various subjects are also subscribed to, based on quality and

relevance to various subjects, based on recommendations by the teachers and the management.


We believe that libraries must foster learning, and encourage children to assimilate knowledge in various forms.

The large library includes material that is sourced widely, andmore importantly we will encourage children to scour through every inch of it! The students can use the library

for academic work, as well as for

leisure and fun.

Our goal is to ensure that students see the library as an integral part of a life of learning, providing both scholastic

enrichment as well as enjoyment.

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