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Welcome to The Bridgewoods Public School

The Bridgewoods Public School, lends wings to the creativity, inherent talent and educational acumen of children and helps them to set and achieve their goals. 

BPS is committed to provide much more than mere information and skills acquired through compartmentalised syllabi. 

BPS impact practical skills required to succeed inreal world and also teach them the values that they need to cherish and uphold forever in their lives.


As, a part of our school, we have 'Sishyaa' - Our Montessori division which houses our Kindergarten session...


When it comes to allowing children to explore the frontiers of knowledge and skills, we feel that sky is the limit.

We offer them help and mentoring, in every possible manner through books, audio-visuals, talks, travel and lots more.


Resilient, Reflective, Reciprocal, Responsible and Resourceful.


Aesthetically designed modern 

infrastructure with kids friendly facilities.

Value added programs

Cambridge English Programme classes and IIT-JEE/NEET coaching is offered

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Sports and arts

Best-in-class Physical Education, Arts and Cultural programme offered.

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Parents Testimonial

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Mr. Jagadish,

Manager of Textile Manufacturing.

"I drove by the school the other day and was just flooded with the memories of our years as a part of the Bridgewoods family for the past 12 years!


As an update on my children, my daughter is recently smitten on writing books and becoming an international author. Not only does she write, edit, and manage it herself, but she also communicates with the publishers herself. Having an equally shared interest in changing the world, she thrives to become a young revolutionist. My son, on the other hand, is heartily engrossed in becoming an automobile engineer.


I hope that the report didn't sound too boastful. I really just wanted you to know what the school has influenced in my children; as I feel so strongly that Bridgewoods a launched their holistic skills. They unlocked the barriers that my children faced in learning and instilled the key to everything- confidence! It is the school that made them apprehend that it takes courage to go after their dreams. 


In a nutshell, they took my children in a journey that showed them and made them agnize what the world actually is."

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Yaamini Priya,

Home Maker.

BPS provides a wonderful learning experience.The management is easily accessible.The entire team of BPS is very dedicative and supportive in the overall development of the child.Inter and intra competitions kindle the inner talent of the child.Discipline and character building are given priority.We witness confident,inspired,self reliant, courteous Bridgewoodians during sports day, annual day,science expo and so on.Joy of giving provides the children with a sense of community contribution.All national and religious festival celebrations strengthen the bond of community. BPS transforms ordinary child to an exceptional child. BPS- bringing productive students to the community.

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Muthukumar N

Manager - Account's & Finance,

Rydon industries Pvt Ltd.

Bridgewoods Public School truly upholds its motto in preparing our children for life and has a platform for every child. Mentoring them for experiences  provides the perfect broad based platform for children to build solid researching capabilities, interact on a global level and experience the much needed “out of comfort zone” environment! 


I see many changes in both my children, the most noticeable one being that both of them have grown immensely in self confidence. They experiment and thrive on new challenges and are enjoying doing new and varied activities everyday. They also actually enjoy homework and don’t need to be constantly reminded to complete it- they’re way more responsible!


Kudos and all good wishes to the BPS team. We look forward to being there and witnessing yet another superlative performance.


Proud to be part of the BPS Family.


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